Obstacles Related Quotes

“Public health must overcome all obstacles in the trade and licensing area,”

Mike Ryan

Obstacles to job creation in America are a result of policy, not of motivation.

Rick Scott

There are two obstacles to enlightenment: 1. Thinking you know. 2 Thinking you don't know.

Gautama Buddha

“I think we have 3,000 more obstacles to peace and we will have, if this program is carried out, 3,000 reasons to undermine President Bush's efforts for a two-state solution.”

Saeb Erekat

All my years to this momentAll my roads to this wall.All my words to this silenceAll my pride to this fall.-Songs of Sapphique

Catherine Fisher

?The Regions Bank team has delivered top-notch customer service in spite of the obstacles in the past three weeks. We are glad to get back into our space and thankful to building management for their efforts in keeping safety and security a priority during this time.?

Barbara Branic

The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles - preferably of his own making - in order to triumph.

Garth Stein

“We had hoped to get more done, but there were so many obstacles.”

Pat Smith

How you handle the obstacles has a big impact on how you do. If you give up, then you obviously don't get there, but if you're persistent, and you keep thinking of new ways to approach the business, you're more likely to reach your goal.

Fred Deluca

Mastery is not a function of I.Q. or natural talent or wealthy parents who can send you to the best school, but rather the result of going through a learning process, fueled by the desire to grow and the persistence to push past any obstacles.

Robert Greene