Obviously Related Quotes

“Obviously, Barry makes that team better, ... He just adds another serious threat in the middle of that lineup. He gives Moises Alou a lot more protection. Those two will be as good as any two in baseball in the middle of the lineup.”

Jake Peavy

“It is obviously challenging conditions but I think we have a fighting total.”

Wavell Hinds

“Well, he's not a one-dimensional horse. We thought he had to have the lead. Obviously, that's not the case.”

Dan Peitz

“I'm excited for everybody tonight, but obviously with Z being a veteran, I know how much getting back to the playoffs means to him. He's been here a long time and to do it in Cleveland is very special. I'm very happy for him.”

Danny Ferry

“It's certainly interesting that this person has obviously been able to access her card and her accounts.”

Paula Macdonald

“It's the hand we're dealt, and we have to deal with it. Obviously, it's to the point where we can't afford to lose anybody else. We didn't want to lose the other guys. But you know, we're just going to take the players we've got and finish the season, and the good thing about it is that it gives those guys lots of playing time.”

Robert Davenport

“He's the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl. That's obviously a dream that I had when I was a kid. I want to play in the Super Bowl.”

Charlie Frye

“That was just a great play. We knew they were going to bunt the ball, obviously. It was one of those when he starts to dive where I said, 'Please hold on.' Because a lot of times, you see the guy dive, and the ball hits his glove.”

Charlie Smythers

“Obviously, I can't represent everybody's viewpoint,”

Rick Santorum

“Everyone here at the port is surprised by the accelerated volume we see now. There's incredible demand. It is obviously associated with the building boom in Florida and the rebuilding efforts associated with the hurricanes.”

Steve Tyndal