Obviously Related Quotes

“That's the goal we wanted and talked about. So obviously we are disappointed.”

Adam Wogan

“The stuff?s there, obviously. It?s been there all year. It?s been in hibernation.”

Randy Johnson

“Obviously, I lobbied for him to be here. But what a difference a year makes.”

Donovan Mcnabb

“There is nobody here at all. Ian Thorpe pulling out obviously has a lot higher significance.”

Dave Currie

“We have no idea what this woman's record is about. She's obviously an accomplished attorney. The question is what does she believe. We have no idea, ... This Week.”

Howard Dean

“Obviously we're extremely pleased with the results.”

Dan Velcofsky

“Obviously, companies split when the stock price has gotten beyond the pocketbook of the average investor.”

Larry Wachtel

“If nothing else, we were resilient. Obviously, we didn't pay our best game but, at times, we played very well.”

Rich Bonnaure

“I think they want an offensive lineman with good feet, which David has. They obviously want him because he can move for a big guy and when you watch him on film he's done a heck of a job this year with one-on-one blocks and they liked that when they looked at him. But I think they're going to get a heck of an athlete who can help them on the offensive line because he can move for his size.”

Kemp Ewing

“Somebody obviously killed this duck.”

Doug Tobin