Occasion Related Quotes

“Yahoo has been advised on more than one occasion that this conduct is taking place on its Web site, and we have asked them to implement effective controls to prevent the posting of illegal goods. Yet, although they have the responsibility and the capability, they have refused to do this. Regretfully, therefore, we feel that legal action is now our only remaining recourse.”

Perrin Kaplan

“It's a rare occasion when someone important in the (software) industry decides not to support Linux,”

Charles Phillips

“We've tried to make it a place where someone can run in and get a gift for any occasion. We've been very pleased.”

Susan Smith

“The selectors also considered Alex for the Test squad - and although he's not been included on this occasion, he made a good impression in Pakistan and is one of a number of spin bowlers we have chosen on the A tour.”

David Graveney

“This is when I seem to rise to the occasion. I'm excited about it. I'm ready to go to these next four races. If it were up to me, we could just do them all in a row.”

Gary Scelzi

“On the fourth anniversary ... we plan to mark this solemn occasion by asking siblings to take the lead,”

Michael Bloomberg

“I think she decided to step up. When she rose to the occasion we didn't have anybody who could step up (and match her).”

Andrew Booth

“They expect a professional presentation, so they expect to see a ''professional.'' Dress appropriately for the occasion, but don't be one of the crowd.”

Wess Roberts

“Our list for 2005 contains 21 of the most innovative, never trendy, and always perfectly clad for the occasion individuals who roam the globe as walking examples of what it means for a man to be clothed.”

Nick Sullivan

“The long concatenations of simple and easy reasoning which geometricians use in achieving their most difficult demonstrations gave me occasion to imagine that all matters which may enter the human mind were interrelated in the same fashion.”

Rene Descartes