Occurred Related Quotes

“It probably occurred a while ago. I don't think it has had a big impact.”

Matthew Alexy

“It also is important to note that blood pressure reductions occurred in patients even though they remained obese with (a body mass index) in the 35 range, which is still not ideal, further suggesting that weight loss itself -- in this study, achieved through gastric bypass surgery -- can improve health outcomes.”

Madelyn Fernstrom

“I didn't see a lot of what occurred (in the Tampa-Atlanta game) but I understand there was some headhunting going on again.”

Pat Quinn

“When you read those petitions, some of them cry out that something very bad occurred.”

James Acker

“If that storm occurred in Safford, it would have likely overtopped any of these dams.”

Mike Johnson

“This would allow caregivers to better tell if any changes have occurred to the cognitive abilities of an individual. It also could be used to help people recall where they were the last time they had possessed a lost object, such as the car keys.”

Gregory Abowd

“It occurred to me that if this were a sight that could be seen only once in a century, this little headland would be thronged with spectators.”

Rachel Carson

“Normally a summer low is followed by a rebound back to more normal levels but this has not occurred for the past four summers.”

Walt Meier

“This (arrest) is the result of an incident that occurred April 3 -- early part of this month -- when he shot at several individuals. Fortunately, none of those individuals were hit or killed.”

Ken Jefferson

“It's not a duplicate. It occurred a little bit further south. But it's the same type of earthquake.”

Kerry Sieh