Offense Related Quotes

“It was a little close after the first quarter, but then we stretched it out. Our offense was really well balanced.”

Mike Mccullough

“Dan always finds a way to put himself in a position to score. He has a special feel for offense. He takes some off-balance shots, but we don't touch his form, just like we didn't mess with Curtis Borchardt 's shot-blocking. Dan has thrown up some awful-looking shots, but they have gone in.”

Eric Reveno

“He's adding something new, a different dimension to our offense being able to get the ball down the field.”

Lovie Smith

“Things like that, it all goes back to playing against a great offense. You've got to score touchdowns. Three points is not good enough against those guys.”

Deion Branch

“We got a little sluggish in the second half. But we stepped it up on defense and then our offense kind of flowed from that.”

Chelsey Nelson

“With the amount of weapons showing up on this offense, it seems like the defense is always scrambling to cover all the bases, and it gives a lot of people opportunities to make big plays. That's just what's been happening.”

Casey Rabach

“We just need to come out with more fire and more intensity to give the offense a shot.”

David Harris

“Well, I can turn that question around on you. I think we have enough offense, with the pitching we have.”

Dan Evans

“We just turned the ball over. South Bend, once they started rolling their offense took off. We were our worst enemy.”

Larry Moore

“We didn't do a very good job of executing our half-court offense in the second half, but fortunately, we had built such a big lead that we were able to hang on.”

Mark Hurt