Offered Related Quotes

I studied philosophy and ended on sociology. For some reason, all the advanced courses in philosophy were offered 4:30 to 6:30, so I could never go because of football, so I had to switch.

Lawrence Jackson

“I'm just disappointed that Illinois hasn't offered [a scholarship to] Patrick [Beverley]. He really, really wants to go there. This is a kid that was dying for the blue and orange.”

Lamont Bryant

“If they had offered earlier, I probably would have signed with South Carolina. It was like I was last on the depth chart.”

Marckus Boswell

In 1688, Edward Lloyd opened a coffeehouse on London's seafront popular among underwriters, men in powdered wigs with mathematical minds and steely constitutions who offered to compensate owners if their boats were lost at sea.

Charles Duhigg

Forgive us as we forgive- we are offered forgiveness on no other terms. To refuse it is to refuse Gods mercy for ourselves.

C. S. Lewis

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone to Hollywood if I hadn't been offered 'Ugly Betty' because I was a wee bit feart. But you have to make yourself frightened. That's what keeps you alive.

Ashley Jensen

“You have to pass or leave the FA training program. As soon as we learned of the glitch, we offered them the job back. About four have rejoined the training program.”

Peter Casey

“The potential that violent contingencies could have been offered for trade in the [Pentagon]-backed PAM completely eclipsed the true intent and merit of that research project. To include such contingencies again would undermine the effort to demonstrate the technology because we would never get to the merits.”

Charles Polk

With my old man I got no respect. He told me never take candy from a stranger unless he offered me a ride.

Rodney Dangerfield

She didn't have to be offered anything; it was already hers. She was more herself than anyone else ever was and as soon as I clapped eyes on her I knew I wanted to be myself just as much as she was herself.

Melvin Burgess