Office Related Quotes

“There are two of us in this office, we are not ready to die yet, but it is pretty bad.”

Kevin Cosgrove

“It certainly wasn't an intentional mistake, ... No one understood that the machinery at the post office and the way it worked might tend to get this stuff in the air.”

Richard Gephardt

“This human struggle and scramble for office, for a way to live without work, will finally test the strength of our institutions”

Abraham Lincoln

“He took a section of his building, built an office, got furniture and phone lines and provided an area for squads to gas up.”

Pat Barry

“What we have in place is a procedure where one has to apply to the regional passport office, and it will take around five to seven days,”

Raj Sharma

“The agreements we have are as approved by our city attorney's office. I think we are comfortable with it that way.”

Phil Gardner

“Every year, I've gotten a letter from the state treasurer's office that says I can retire when I have 30 years of credible service or when I turn 55.”

Dallas Hedrick

“of presidents leaving office with respect for their successors. I'm certain that President Clinton will want to follow that.”

Ari Fleischer

“All four worked for a private security firm supporting the regional US Embassy office in Basra.”

Peter Mitchell

“Withdrawal of Microsoft's support for its Microsoft Office for Macintosh program would have a devastating effect on the Mac OS.”

Avadis Tevanian