Office Related Quotes

“SCEPTER, n. A king's staff of office, the sign and symbol of his authority. It was originally a mace with which the sovereign admonished his jester and vetoed ministerial measures by breaking the bones of their proponents.”

Ambrose Bierce

“Democrats have been fighting for energy independence years before President Bush 's first day in office, while this administration has offered only lip service, and only when its poll numbers resemble (president Richard) Nixon's.”

Howard Dean

“Eventually, I hope to expand and make that a full-time office. In the future, we might look as putting offices in other communities.”

Stephen Johnson

“Storage today is a $60 billion industry and we saw an unmet need in the SMB and SOHO [Small Office/Home Office] market. This is enterprise-class storage for the masses.”

Pat Gelsinger

“The State of Ohio and Mayor Jackson's office have been extremely cooperative and helpful in bringing this project to fruition. This partnership has achieved a big win for the community, our current and future employees, and our company.”

Dan Gilbert

“They spend quality time together, just the two of them. I'll walk into the Oval Office and they're talking, and I'll walk out and shut the door.”

Andrew H. Card Jr

“I have run my entire campaign, right or wrong, on my proven experience in the office.”

Eric Weis

“Organizing an office can be overwhelming -- this spot uses humor to illustrate how Staples can be your Easy Button for creating order out of chaos.”

Shira Goodman

“They tell me they're very, very busy at the office. Donations are running daily with what our expenditures are.”

Gary Phillips

“The people who draw up the plans should be able to execute the plans, ... Now we have one office taking in grant applications, reviewing emergency plans by state and local governments and determining where federal assistance should go, yet FEMA is tasked with managing the response and marshaling the assets.”

Paul Anderson