Official Related Quotes

“A gas official or other certified contractor has to come out and turn the gas back on and light the pilot lights in all the appliances, because that's something that we don't recommend people do on their own,”

Steve Chapman

“Becoming the official domestic beer sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games constitutes an important step for the Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co Ltd to make itself an international brand name in the beer brewing industry worldwide.”

Wang Wei

“It appears it has the weight of official notification, which in fact it doesn't. It's really a disservice to folks. They were reasonably upset when they thought their property was in jeopardy.”

Carlos Thomas

“I plan on playing the season and then making my official visits. Right now, I am pretty open and I like Florida State, Auburn, Tennessee, Ohio State, Syracuse and Florida.”

Xavier Lee

“Even those who disagree with the official line do not believe they can change anything.”

Yakov Basin

“The story was that in her recovery, she pulled out her back by favoring her foot. That was the official story. But of course she had had this dreadful breast cancer, and everybody was terribly afraid it had metastasized to her back, but she wouldn't talk to us about it.”

Craig Smith

“Our official track brings it to the central part (of Florida), but nobody in the east coast of Florida is out of the woods yet. It's too early still.”

Daniel Brown

“Jose Maria Zamora is a respected official but he made a mistake. Had one of our chief referees been there, there might have been a different conclusion. It was a minor breach of the rules.”

Jamie Spence

“An official cannot allow that to happen. That doesn't mean an official or a referee would not listen to a coach (about) a call or the way the game is going.”

Mike Krzyzewski

“Duplicate copies of our entry which contains official titles of all of our WTO mission members have also been distributed to missions of all other member states.”

Michel Lu