Officials Related Quotes

“I think this is ridiculous. I think (certain district officials) just want to get rid of me. . . . It's horrifying that this can happen. I've never, never, never been accused of anything like this. Never.”

Dave Houle

“The officials have set the standard. We cannot be in the penalty box as much as we were (in Game 2).”

Randy Carlyle

“We got a call from county officials that our proposal had been accepted and we are thrilled.”

Scott Rechler

“While the comments from Fed officials suggest they are close to finishing, the Fed may still have a few bullets left in its gun. Traders aren't willing yet to dump dollars.”

Michael Malpede

“[Hurricane Katrina has challenged Seattle officials to] take a look at all our assumptions, ... We assumed we could supply all our emergency services. We need to see where emergency services did not work in New Orleans, and be prepared.”

Greg Nickels

“created a criminal elite with considerable financial resources with which they corrupt public institutions and officials.”

Patrick Manning

“State and some federal officials have been consistently denying there are any significant risks from the toxic mud that has spread across the city. The data they themselves have collected show that, to the contrary, there are significant risks from arsenic and toxic chemicals that have blanketed much of New Orleans.”

Erik Olson

“This simulation, with its nursing home command challenges, is designed to help command officials better understand the problems that may occur within nursing facilities during emergencies. Homeland security and preparedness involves firefighters protecting all people living in all environments in this nation. Our senior citizens are too often the tragic victims of fire. This course will better prepare the firefighters facing the challenges present when dealing with these types of fires.”

Charlie Dickinson

“The officials told me that they got locked up and both of them were too active with their arms or their feet in a negative way, and said they are not going to be able to play anymore. I haven't had a chance to talk to Joe and I am not going to pass judgment until I see the video tape and talk to him.”

Carroll Mccray

“It's a tough decision. For me, the future is here. I haven't talked to [Venezuelan officials] yet. I would like to go, but it would be better to stay here trying to win a spot so the Marlins can see what I can do.”

Yusmeiro Petit