Oil Related Quotes

“While it is difficult to anticipate unanticipated events, investors could become increasingly concerned about oil, earnings and interest rates -- the trio of trepidation -- in the traditionally weak third quarter.”

Sam Stovall

“A weaker local currency and lower oil ease concern about earnings at exporters.”

Choi Chang Hoon

“Bush conducts his environmental policy from the perspective of the oil and nuclear lobby.”

Gerhard Schr

“Chinese oil enterprises practice win-win and mutual benefits. Only by complying with this principle, could the enterprise do well its relationship with the local government, local people and the competitors.”

Chen Geng

“OPEC doesn't suffer from money illusion. It decided they want an honest dollar for an honest barrel of oil.”

Paul Kasriel

“information related to that company's bid for an inspection contract under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program.”

David Kelley

“China Black Oil Well Services moved a work-over rig on the leasehold and began working today. We hope to have several more wells producing oil in commercial quantities in the next sixty (60) days.”

Charles Crawford

“Americans want cleaner air, less dependence on foreign oil, and more inexpensive fuel options. Every gallon of ethanol used helps achieve these goals.”

Keith Sexton

“Californians use 2 million gallons more of fuel every day than we produce in the state. Oil companies have to buy gas from other sources just to keep even with demand. If every motorist were to save two gallons every week, that would put our demand more in line with our state production.”

Carol Thorp

?While fuel and oil inventories are still healthy, any reduction in US supplies means that more needs to be imported from abroad, including the Middle East.?

Bart Melek