Ok Related Quotes

?We were OK at the half. They didn't have the ball much, and I didn't think there were any major things we had to correct. ... I would have been pleased to play like we did in the first half.?

Barry Alvarez

It's OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.

Elon Musk

“She had burns to her hands and face, but I think she is going to be OK.”

Rusty Leonard

It's OK to offend people with the Gospel, but, good grief- let's don't offend them with something else.

Andy Stanley


I developed a nutty attitude where I'd think, If some guy really loves me he doesn't care if I'm fat. I'd come up with all these stupid reasons why it would be OK to be fat.

Kirstie Alley

“We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can't win and steroids has put us in the position that it's OK to cheat.”

Lou Brock

I've made mistakes, I've misspoke, I am sure I will again sometime, but that happens, that's part of being human in my book. I'm OK with that. I've never done it maliciously, ever.

Curt Schilling

“Just put down 'bleep.' It's OK. Lots of things I say in the paper have bleeps in them,”

Ozzie Guillen

OK, I'm not what you'd call 'wild.' But I'm no prude, either - I love to party, and I play a mean game of pool.

Shilpa Shetty


“I felt the rust yesterday, but physically I'm OK. I'll get better as I work my way back into it. I'm all about sacrificing for the team, just doing whatever it takes to help us get better.”

Cedric Bozeman