Oklahoma Related Quotes

“We're going to take our resources and spread them across a wider reach. We'll repay the citizens of Oklahoma City and provide them with their best NBA experience, because this might be their only one. But we'll try not to lose step with what we were doing in the New Orleans marketplace. We don't want people (in New Orleans) to ask, 'Where were you?' These are our fans. And our fellow citizens.”

Paul Mott

“I hope it's no secret that Oklahoma women's basketball will be back. It's like Coach [Sherri] Coale said, the road ends for every other team but one. But we've got some pretty special seniors that deserved a lot more.”

Courtney Paris

“We've played Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona State and Michigan. She's got the best one that we've faced.”

Kyle Magnusson

“I think (Oklahoma) has made it a political issue.”

Asa Hutchinson

“We played immensely better. Oklahoma City is one of the top three or four teams in the league. We didn't play 100 percent better. We played 500 percent better.”

Richard Davis

“The conditions in Oklahoma now are so extremely dry it's hard for me to believe that anybody would not be aware of it.”

Richard Reuse

“Watching the Oklahoma State game,”

Vince Young

“I think Oklahoma feels a little more passionate about the game, ... They're a smaller state, with only the Red River separating us from them.”

Darrell Royal

“That's really tough on them, but (Oklahoma City) is probably the best selection that was there for them, ... On such a short time frame to work with, (moving there) is an enormous undertaking.”

Geoff Petrie

“We continue to believe that this transaction would benefit customers in Texas and southern Oklahoma who would be offered the benefits of Kroger's superior selection, service and value in this aggressively competitive market. We intend to explore our legal alternatives.”

Paul Heldman