Online Related Quotes

Obama said they've had some glitches with the Affordable Care website. I'll tell you something. If you order a pair of pants online and they send you the wrong color, that's a glitch. This is like a Carnival cruise, for God's sake!

David Letterman

Online journalism has rendered us all news wire hacks - get it posted fast, forget about context or nuance or interpretation, and errors will be fixed on the fly.

Rosie Dimanno

Why'd you even think I'd read your diploma before, during, or after buying 10 copies of it in an all-you-can-drink online bar? - If I could drink what I read, I'd probably still be drunk on Joyce's Ulysses. I should've chased it with a racer.-Stefan D and Jarod Kintz

Stefan D

The future success of online social networking sites as an advertising medium depends on its acceptance as an advertising vehicle that can deliver a message to a micro-target in a manner that will be well received and that increases the likelihood of interaction.

Mary Louise Kelly

“In our opinion, online ordering is the wave of the future. However, today, the vast majority of people pick up their telephone and not a computer keyboard to place their pizza order.”

Dana Harville

We're at a point in time in our history of humanity where the systems we use for mass production have to be reevaluated, and it first struck me that online communities are a way to have local production with a universal reach.

Mary Mattingly

“We've just closed another great year in online commerce. Consumers spent an average of $200 million per day throughout November and December, bringing holiday growth to just about the top end of our forecast of 25 to 30 percent.”

Dan Hess

“This is not something we're just beginning to take notice of. Online safety is something we've always taken seriously.”

Dani Dudeck

Sometimes I feel like people don't even know how to react in some situations because of online culture. Since many things are online, you might not react to something that is happening live.

Rob Zombie

“These guys just made a deal with one of the large online providers of health care over the Internet. The company does over $600 million in revenue and generates almost $80 million of cash flow a year. So, it's really becoming a major player in the health-care information services sector.”

Dan Veru