Opened Related Quotes

From the moment a creature becomes aware of God as God and of itself as self, the terrible alternative of choosing God or self for the centre is opened to it.

C. S. Lewis

?We opened in August, but now we're really ready to get the word out.?

Barbara Smith

“We had kind of gone flat. But then they opened the door for us, and gave us a chance.”

Chris Pedretti

I kept an interested eye on the transfer window in England, which opened and closed last month, and the lack of frantic activity just goes to show the current financial state of the game right now.

David Ginola

If Bret went in there and stunk the place out, then they probably wouldn't have brought the little brother in. So just by being successful himself, it opened the door for me.

Owen Hart

“We got some baskets in close and that opened up things on the outside. We came out of the gate strong, something we haven't been able to do much this year.”

Dan Waterman

I think that the memory of Armenia's genocide opened my eyes at an early age to the existence of political cynicism.

Serj Tankian

“The two factories were re-opened more than a year ago and are serving local residents well.”

Njeru Ndwiga

“It was the O-line (offensive line). The O-line opened up beautiful holes tonight. It wasn't me; it was the team.”

Reggie Hicks

The end he had been born to serve yet did not see had led him to escape by an unseen path and now it beckoned to him once more and a new adventure was about to be opened to him.

James Joyce