Opener Related Quotes

“It was really an eye-opener. I guess I took some things for granted when it came to hydration and nutrition. I learned a valuable lesson.”

Chris Duffy

“[O'Neal let Owens run unobstructed through a zone.] It's an eye-opener, ... and it lets you know you can't take anything for granted.”

Deltha O'neal

“I don't remember an opener like this. Disappointing is about as nice a term as you can (use). Completely embarrassed is probably what I'd say.”

Zach Piller

“Now, you scramble because it's November, less than a year from the opener.”

Steve Holton

“In Pakistan, it was a stop-gap arrangement. Here we would definitely go with a specialist opener.”

Kiran More

“That was about as bad an opener as we have ever played. When you get into the passing game, you can expect that sort of thing to happen.”

Woody Hayes

“Against Miami (in the opener), you could kind of see it on his face,”

David Castillo

“To be honest, we were shocked. There was nothing on our agenda indicating we would even discuss the opener below Point Arena.”

Roger Thomas

“It's an eye-opener for people to see how vulnerable they are.”

Carl Whitehead

“We had an eye-opener. We decided as a team to never have letdowns again. We played scared at times and decided that needed to end. Now it's all about focus.”

Ashlea Williams