Opportunities Related Quotes

“The metals are looking nervous, the sell-offs are providing the dip-buyers with good opportunities but for a change the follow-on buying seems to be reluctant to join in.”

William Adams

“We've got to stop Prescott, dribble penetration. And we can't give them three or four opportunities.”

Jack Bagley

“No better opportunities for IT companies can be found anywhere else in the whole of Southeast Asia.”

Henry Nguyen

“The lack of opportunities is resulting in youth turning to risky behaviors which is affecting the Dominican Republic at many levels. As in all countries in Latin America and Caribbean, there is an urgent need to create equality of opportunities for poor people.”

Caroline Anstey

“As we move in to 2006, we see significant opportunities to grow our franchises. We are already increasing the pace of our distribution expansion and working to provide our customers with a more integrated set of products and services, yet a more simplified experience.”

Charles Prince

“We're always looking for opportunities to improve the outcomes in our patients.”

Charles Bethea

“They had opportunities to win. We would come in here, have a lead and lose a lead. Hopefully this is the one we need heading down the home stretch. Sometimes wins like this can turn a whole season around.”

Marcus Walton

“The goal here is to provide opportunities for new retailers to enter our marketplace.”

Alice Moore

“We had opportunities to step up and make plays, and we didn't.”

Erik Crawford

“We had opportunities to win this game with a great comeback. We could've just as easily lost by 25. All you can ask for is a chance to get there.”

Matt Herting