Optimistic Related Quotes

“I remain optimistic that we should probably be in the $700,000 to $800,000 range. That's assuming we don't get any real heavy major labor intensive litigation.”

Doug Holland

Selling, in particular, can be a challenge; many investors are tempted to become more optimistic when a security is performing well. This temptation must be resisted; tax considerations aside, when a security reaches full valuation, there is no longer a reason to own it.

Seth Klarman

When you choose positive thoughts over negative ones, you are more likely to develop an optimistic outlook on life.

Meera Lester

Daring life, optimistic living.

Lailah Gifty Akita

“We're optimistic, and we're excited. It was a very good start and we're just looking forward to two weeks of training, and we thought Oregon State represented well.”

Kelly Sullivan

“Most of the retailers in our center are reasonably optimistic. Nobody's seeing the headlines of Armageddon that were appearing several months ago.”

Keith Campbell

The Blue Brain project expects to have a full human-scale simulation of the cerebral cortex by 2018. I think that's a little optimistic, actually, but I do make the case that by 2029 we will have very detailed models and simulations of all the different brain regions.

Ray Kurzweil

I am fairly optimistic about the disillusionment that produces homogeneity in general. The films that succeed in [theaters] are fairly homogeneous in terms of narrative and vision of the world.

Lucrecia Martel

“I am really excited about the house. It is looking great and I am very optimistic that we can make a real difference with this idea.”

Marianne Cusato

“I couldn't be more optimistic than I am now. I am real excited, and I feel I have something to prove.”

Kyle Thompson