Organization Related Quotes

Really great people rarely leave a healthy organization.

Patrick Lencioni

“Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man. His character determines the character of the organization.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think spirituality is a good thing but I dislike any sort of dogmatic organization.

Noah Taylor

Ultimately, if you can say that I'm a bad owner and we're winning championships, I can live with that. But if we're not making the playoffs and we're spending and losing money, then I have to look in the mirror and say maybe I'm not taking the necessary steps to doing what it takes to run an organization.

Michael Jordan

The White Ribbon Foundation is organization I support. They're bringing awareness of violence against women and I think it's important in our society.

Dustin Clare

In the managerial organization, the top people sit in judgment; in the innovative organization it is their job to encourage ideas, no matter how unripe or crude.

Peter Drucker

“We are determined to keep this organization as vibrant as it was throughout our campaign. There are a lot of ways to make change. We are leaving one track, but we are going on another track that will take back America for ordinary people again.”

Howard Dean

“It's a situation this organization hasn't been in for quite a while.”

Carson Palmer

“This is a belated attempt by the Buckingham Palace organization to bring itself into the 20th century, never mind the 21st century,”

Daily Express

The Internet has no such organization - files are made available at random locations. To search through this chaos, we need smart tools, programs that find resources for us.

Clifford Stoll