Outcome Related Quotes

“We've really done hundreds of hours of work already to prepare for this day in hope of a good outcome. So today we were allowed to hit the ground running. We're very glad to be busy.”

Chuck Bumbales

“Neither outcome puts a penny in his pocket, ... But his whole goal and purpose for pursuing this was to educate the community that this happens and hopefully teach Long and Fosters and other realtors that they won't do this and get away with it. ”

Dale Sanders

“Despite the departments' conditions, we are very pleased with the outcome,”

Michael Armstrong

“I was so proud of them. No matter what the outcome was, they were winners before they walked in the gym.”

Kathy Wilburn

“When told me they couldn't live in an independent Kosovo, if this is the outcome of the status process, I told them: This is your decision, we cannot force you to stay.”

Albert Rohan

“When we go to our house, it's going to be a different outcome. Calhoun County played a good game. But one thing about this region, you always get a second chance.”

Kevin Wright

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the most recent open enrollment season. Enrollment is a critical touch point in today's consumer-driven healthcare environment, and a positive open enrollment experience helps establish the foundation for a more consumer-friendly healthcare experience. SHPS' ability to perform at a consistently high level and continually provide excellent customer service for participants, employers and health plans during the extended peak period speaks volumes about our proficiency at providing an integrated, positive experience for all healthcare users.”

Rishabh Mehrotra

“I don't care what I do, as long as I'm involved in the outcome of a game,”

Mike Hampton

“We should not overlook that the outcome of the case for Sierra Leone is that it has its democratic and legitimate government back. That's a good story,”

Robin Cook

“The ratings of Standard & Poor's on HBC may be affirmed, lowered or withdrawn, depending on the outcome of Standard & Poor's review.”

Don Povilaitis