Outstanding Related Quotes

“No complaints, no regrets. The better team won tonight. They are an outstanding hockey team. We have no reason to hang our heads.”

Chris Spillane

“The tournament has been an outstanding success in the northern hemisphere for the past two years, playing to packed houses and with strong television ratings.”

Colin Love

“We played outstanding team defense. The kids played hard and aggressive and I was proud of how they got after it.”

Dan Spranger

“I think it's outstanding and I'm ecstatic they invited me,”

Mark Mcgwire

“Our team played outstanding. We did a great job in making all of the plays. We only made one error.”

Daniel Johnson

“Mike played outstanding. He played hard. We played different because we weren't afraid like we were last game.”

Rich Brennan

“They had anticipated this transaction when they initially purchased shares of KTM in August. KTM recently increased its outstanding capital stock as part of a transaction that resulted in it acquiring the interests of a minority shareholder in one of its subsidiaries. The purpose of the additional share purchase announced today is to maintain Polaris' 24.9% interest in the capital stock of KTM,”

Mike Malone

“He had very good stuff. He had an outstanding (split-finger fastball). He's working one expanding (his strike zone) a little bit.”

Ned Yost

“I am really proud of this team tonight. We had an outstanding effort for the full 40 minutes. In recent games, we've been having that sustaining power for only 34 or 35 minutes. So this is big for this team. We can build on this.”

Cliff Reed

“Our bench, mainly Cliff, was outstanding. Something in the second half ignited them. It was great to see because you were able to bring in another guy and still keep going.”

Vince Carter