Outstanding Related Quotes

“This promotion is a reflection of the outstanding job Gregg has done managing an international sales force of almost one hundred people. He has played the lead role in opening Business Wire offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo and extending the Business Wire brand internationally.”

Cathy Baron Tamraz

“Second half, you know, they have an outstanding offense and they had the ball, they made plays, they drove the ball and they stepped it up a notch defensively.”

Norv Turner

“We had an outstanding pre-season and we are raring to go,”

Frank Hadden

“This should be an outstanding game. They are a very, very good team. North Central is one of the best teams in the state, has one of the best players in the nation, and they've got an outstanding coaching staff. It's going to be a very tough test.”

David Mccollough

“Outstanding. If you're not impressed by them, you're a tough guy to be with.”

Lawrence Frank

“Senators Collins and Carper have been outstanding as the true drivers of postal reform. Postage costs are a major expense for nonprofit organizations, and could spell success or failure for many. Their success in pushing for reform will have a major impact on the nonprofit sector, and especially for those organizations that rely on the mail for public support.”

Craig Floyd

“We came up a little bit short with our batting but our new ball bowling was outstanding,”

Ricky Ponting

“Having been around audits for a number of years, there was nothing particularly outstanding in the audit that I would consider to be a severe deficiency, ... Some things need to be changed, and they will be.”

James Gallagher

“Metals prices continued to climb and overall, our operations have performed well, resulting in another quarter of outstanding financial result.”

Derek Pannell

“Our Five Star dealers did an outstanding job of communicating the consumer benefits of our Chrysler, Jeep and Doge CPOV program and that was the reason for our record sales in 2005. We are pleased to end December and the year on such a high note and look to continue that performance into 2006.”

Ray Fisher