Overall Related Quotes

“We got some turnovers that were big. I'm sure we got the most transition hoops, but the tempo overall was set by Orem.”

Craig Drury

My writing tends to become very dense, so I have to keep some cushion. Sometimes, words that seem superfluous are actually essential for the overall effect.

Gretchen Rubin

“I expect there will be improvements in the trade balance and business investment and in inventories so that the overall pace of activity will accelerate in the third quarter,”

William Hummer

“Overall earnings revision trends going into reporting season appear very healthy in an aggregate sense, with the market remaining in net upgrade mode.”

David Cassidy

“People may focus on the fourth quarter but overall, it's been a very good year.”

David Griffin

“I think it's the much-needed positive energy that the airline, overall, needed.”

Carrie Davis

Overall his period in office can only be characterised as a decade of missed opportunities in which the hopes of the British people for a new kind of politics were shattered [on Tony Blair]

Menzies Campbell

“NAND flash currently represents one of the weakest product segments in the overall semiconductor industry.”

Mark Edelstone

“They did a good job at disrupting the flow, ... We had an overall bad game. We played a little better in the overtime, but on their goal the defense got caught out, and they had a 30-yard breakaway. Fundamentally we looked worse than junior high players.”

Matt Taylor

“We had some mistakes tonight that we need to work on in the gym. Overall, I'm happy with the girl's performance and we just need to clean up the little things.”

Carey Fagan