Overlook Related Quotes

Each epoch has found in the Gospels what it sought to find there, and has overlooked what it wished to overlook.

Ludwig Von Mises

We love to overlook the boundaries which we do not wish to pass.

Samuel Johnson

“Overlook our deeds, since you know that crime was absent from our inclination”


“That was a start. But you can't overlook what Joe did for four innings.”

Doug Mientkiewicz

Conventional dogmas, even if endowed with the authority of an Aristotle - ancient or modern - must be tested vigorously. If they are found wanting, we need not bother with them. But if they are found to be substantially correct, we may not overlook them.

Norman Lamm

I suppose the key to a good life is to gently overlook the truth and hope that at any moment we can all be reborn.

Simon Van Booy

Never overlook wallflower at dance; may be dandelion in grass.


There is nothing that is quite so reassuring in an awkward situation as knowing that one is well turned-out, and while I hope I am not so fainthearted as to require such stratagems, I am not so foolish as to overlook their value.

Patricia C. Wrede

I have learned not to overlook the advantages of being me. From when I was a softball player, and I held the stolen bases record. I would slide into second with my prostheses, and the girl on the base could either step aside or meet two wooden sticks.

Aimee Mullins

See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little.

Pope John Xxiii