Owner Related Quotes

“Wellington Mara was a dear friend and football fans everywhere mourn his passing. Throughout my tenure as an NFL owner he was an invaluable advisor in person and in our many phone calls. As a Hall of Fame owner and backbone of the League, he shaped the sport we all love so dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this sad time.”

Daniel Snyder

“He is taking steps to revoke the license of the owner of Moe D's.”

Larry Liddell

“Leash walking, lots of love is definitely the way to go. The catchphrase is 'responsible pet owner.' It's realizing that your pet is going to want to wander and taking all the steps to prevent it.”

Coady Haga

“We applaud Microsoft's efforts and we applaud efforts by any brand owner that takes steps to protect its intellectual property.”

Hani Durzy

“I was told in spring training I was the team leader -- by Paul DePodesta. By Jim Tracy. By (team owner) Frank McCourt, ... Growing up in L.A., I know how to deal with all types of people, and I do it on an everyday basis. But some people don't deal with all different types of people every day, and therefore don't know how to handle situations when they arise.”

Milton Bradley

“Generally when a property owner or developer finds either the habitat or a species on the property and they are proposing to do something, they need to contact us and advise us of it.”

Al Donner

“It's absolutely important. Obviously, (team owner) Peter Cunningham over here is happy to see me up there. And it is fun to be up there with him and Pierre and my great teammates. Yes, we have big goals for this year.”

Eric Curran

“He's regarded as one of the top five executives in this industry. I think he'll make a tremendous owner and be a real credit to the community.”

Dean Bonham

“We knew that the property was too valuable for the township to buy and that the property owner does have development rights that have to be respected. So the question became what we can do at that property that is the least objectionable.”

Steve Santarsiero

“Although the center owner did not break any fire control rules, the practice of locking the door with employees sleeping inside is not proper.”

Zhou Meiliang