Pace Related Quotes

“The risk is for the ECB to accelerate the pace of interest- rate hikes. There seems to be very little support for the European bond market.”

Cyril Beuzit

“The new program is designed to keep pace with the growing portfolio of products in the Citrix family and to align those products with our partners' areas of expertise. The program will mobilize Citrix to provide partner benefits and tools that match the specific business or technical challenge of customers and the business model of the partner. It would enable partners to communicate their expertise to customers and address unique markets with messaging about the value of our channel partners.”

Wesley Allen

“The pace is going to pick up from now until we're ready to launch.”

Pat Mccormick

“Away from autos, the economy is growing at a steady, lackluster pace. It's just kind of slow and steady and not very exciting.”

Chris Wiegand

“For all intents and purposes the Fed is going to move at a measured pace whether that word is in there or not. And now, the longer end of the yield curve should react more to Fed moves.”

Richard Yamarone

“We must keep pace with our neighboring states to ensure that Illinois doesn't become the meth shopping mall of the Midwest,”

Lisa Madigan

“The increase in bank lending is a sign that the pace of increase in liquidity could grow too fast. That means that the Bank of Japan has got support for ending its super-loose monetary policy.”

Hideo Kumano

“New construction is not keeping pace with demand, meaning that potential renters must compete harder for available properties.”

Craig James

“When medical care costs go up, premiums need to keep pace with them.”

Gerry Snyder

“We're proud of the job our schools have done in keeping pace with technology and preparing students for success in a technology-dominated world. This contest reflects our high school students' achievements, and recognizes the talents they have developed.”

Chris O'brien