Paid Related Quotes

“I'm sure this is just surreal for him. He deserves to be where he is. He's paid his dues.”

Lacey Sims

“It's in the high end of the range definitely on the prices paid, ... (Our members are) blaming it all on the cost of oil running up.”

Ralph Kauffman

“My purse was only $100,000 (US). If I paid each of them the required three per cent, I would have come away with nothing.”

Carlos Baldomir

“Clearly, they paid a full price for it and there are uncertainties associated with Guidant.”

David Katz

“It just seemed fitting to have our own lounge with our own dance review that paid homage to where The Pussycat Dolls originated, ... So it wasn't just another nightclub. It was somewhere where people can go and see an old school show with real dancing and real performing and real singing. It's perfect for Vegas. It's got that whole cabaret, burlesque-inspired review of dancing, and the whole fishnets, and boas.”

Nicole Scherzinger

“That was probably ours, ... We're glad to help. We just hope we get paid.”

Carl Sewell

“We've worked on our special teams since day one. Tonight, that paid off on both sides. The special teams are an important part of any game. That's why we spend to much time in practice on them.”

Dave Borges

“A tremendous public investment... has paid off,”

Carl Pope

“It's just fine if someone gets paid $500,000 a year, but we have to know about it.”

Richard Stapler

“The engineers were well paid, so they could afford large, well-made houses. They were really among the important people in town. For decades, between the 1880s and 1920s, both the Point Journal and the old Gazette had a separate column for the south side.”

Wendell Nelson