Parents Related Quotes

“Having these devices readily available provides reassurance to a community. In purchasing these devices, school officials and parents value 'peace of mind' -- even when the chance of using the device is remote.”

Elizabeth Jones

“The joys of parents are secret, and so are their griefs and fears.”

Francis Bacon Sr.

“It was definitely a team thing. It's the kid, it's the parents, it's the attitude, the leadership all rolled into one.”

Stan Zatorski

“Parents can set the rules for using the car. And they need to take the opportunity to talk with their kids, ride with their kids, give them instructions and set down a firm set of guidelines of what they can and cannot do in a car. Too often we've treated driving as a rite of passage. It's a privilege.”

Scott Falb

Children now expect their parents to audition for approval.

Mason Cooley

The penguins that spent most of their time fighting were the ones with no chicks...It's like they're supposed to be taking care of their chicks. But because they don't have any, they have nothing to do with all their energy. So they just pick fights.

Maria Semple

It's all about loving your parents.

Karan Johar

“He's a symbol that can appeal to a wide range of people. Because kids like him and parents don't dislike him, he becomes a common denominator.”

Meryl Gardner

Most people who are rich chose their parents wisely.

Philip Greenspun

Parents are to be respected - it Is a commandment from God.

Monica Johnson