Paris Related Quotes

In Paris you're always surrounded by French people.

David Sedaris

I hope that some day scientists can be considered heroes again, instead of Paris Hilton.

Walter Isaacson

Paris is a wonderful city. I can't say I belong to an especially anglophone community.

Marilyn Hacker

In Paris they just simply opened their eyes and stared when we spoke to them in French! We never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.

Mark Twain

“We once again fought at the top level in the Champions League. We arrived 90 minutes from Paris. It happens, we will try again next year.”

Adriano Galliani

However, President Obama's unwillingness to attend the Paris march is a personal failing on his part that I believe does damage to the pride and soul of the nation he leads.

Rick Ungar

“The opposition sought to exploit the achievements of the upheaval, so it brokered a deal in Paris in mid-April, which allowed the Lebanese-Syrian police regime to buy time.”

Elias Atallah

Three million frogs' legs are served in Paris - daily. Nobody knows what became of the rest of the frogs.

Fred Allen

Strangely, producing "Parisienne" was very long and difficult because the people who mainly finance films didn't understand the idea of a young foreign girl having a good time in Paris. They wanted to see her suffering and poor, and definitely not falling in love with three French men!

Danielle Arbid

I can't bear to look at Paris Hilton and all that. I mean, it really doesn't grab me. I don't think she's interesting, and the sense of values seems sort of off-kilter.

Gloria Vanderbilt