Parker Related Quotes

Charlie Parker stuck out in my mind.

Sonny Rollins

“[While Parker publishes its guarantee on its Web site and in product material, not all companies do. If a store does not say in advance what it will guarantee,] then you should find out, ... Part of being a good consumer is being an active consumer and asking questions and finding out what are your rights.”

Robert Spector

“(Parker) missed some free throws, but he put us on his shoulders and carried us. He had been struggling offensively for about a month, and it was good to see him get going.”

Dave Benter

I always have two pairs of glasses: geeky black Warby Parker frames and Wayfarer Ray Bans. Those are key!

Christa Miller

People tell me not to do a soap, but it was a great learning experience because I became familiar with the technical aspects of the business. Besides, look who came out of soaps - Julianne Moore, Demi Moore, Tommy Lee Jones, Parker Posey, Kathleen Turner. All amazing people.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

“Would you care to publish this? Sincerely, Robert B. Parker.”

Robert Parker

To some extent, the idea that rock 'n roll used to have this sort of free antediluvian identity, frolicking in the 1950s with Elvis or something, is totally wrong. It's insane. Elvis' relationship with Colonel Parker, his manager, was one of the most possibly corrupt, certainly lucrative, and intense business partnerships ever in rock n' roll.

Ann Powers

Bordeaux would be naive not to recognize that Robert Parker was driving the brand equity. If the next generation doesn't care about Chateau Pichon-Lalande, then you have a problem.

Gary Vaynerchuk

“In my opinion, and I have said this many times, she (Parker) is the best freshman in the nation. There is no other freshman who can do all the things she does. I know there are some great shooters, but no one does what she does.”

Pat Summitt

I don't want to dis anybody, but someone like Robert Parker. I first read a Spenser book maybe 20 years ago and then read every one that came out. I did that with Tony Hillerman too.

Dave Barry