Pass Related Quotes

“Because he's such a great pass rusher, teams are going to slide their line to try and protect [the quarterback]. In this defense, you can't display your protection right away because you don't know where he's coming from. It constantly makes those [offensive linemen] check at the line because they have no idea where he's going to line up.”

Vonnie Holliday

“We've got to get better with our pass rush, and that will make it easier on them.”

Warren Young

“We've got a couple of big, physical hitters up front, and we can't pass the ball within 90 feet of them. I think one ball landed at the Sheetz on the corner. It's tough when you're passing balls like that.”

Larry Campbell

“We have to look for the pass more, too, instead of settling for the 3. When the 3 is not going, we can go to penetration.”

Paul Lancaster

“Behold her, single in the field,Yon solitary Highland lass!Reaping and singing by herself;Stop here, or gently pass!”

William Wordsworth

“We feel good going back to Chicago. We prepared to stop the run first against the Giants and the pass after that. We'll prepare the exact same way for the Bears.”

Chris Gamble

“I've gotten in a lot more on the pass rushes. And I like it now. Before, pass rushes would be a drill where it would be like, 'Nah, I'm just going to go bull rush these guys.' ... Me and Kouts talk about that, too. Now I'm starting to put together a little repertoire and get after 'em.”

Lofa Tatupu

“Oil and commodities will probably keep increasing producer prices at the current pace. Many companies are still struggling to pass on higher manufacturing costs to consumers as they haven't regained pricing power.”

Yasukazu Shimizu

“I told him, I only catch one pass a year,”

Robert Massey

“In the pass-rush stuff, Corey Jackson jumped out.”

Larry Coyer