Passes Related Quotes

“Kelly just ran the offense. He took high-percentage passes and put it in our hands to make plays.”

Lee Evans

Time passes slowly. Nobody says a word, everyone lost in quiet reading. One person sits at a desk jotting down notes, but the rest are sitting there silently, not moving, totally absorbed. Just like me.

Haruki Murakami

“Bell did a real nice job tonight. He stepped in and made some nice, crisp passes, his footwork was good and his coverage was good. I liked his game.”

Pat Quinn

When our fingers touch a crackle of electricity passes between us.

Cathy Cassidy

The thrill of falling in love is often the thrill of being loved; the thrill of marriage is the thrill of loving someone for the rest of your life. Each day - and year - that passes is a triumph of this act of loving.

Susan Waggoner

“We don't have a problem pushing the ball up the court and taking a shot off of two passes. It would just be something to get used to. I don't think it would hurt the game at all, especially with the girls that want to play in college.”

Kelly Mikulski

“I think we are just getting our stride. With every year that passes, the data become more and more valuable.”

Ron Munger

“My job is still the same, just to catch passes and make things happen.”

Darrell Jackson

Every truth passes through 3 stages before it is recognized 1)ridicule 2) opposition 3) accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

He passes from lyric to epic poetry in order to speak about the world and the torment in the world through man, rationally and emotionally. The poet then becomes a danger.

Salvatore Quasimodo