Passing Related Quotes

“[With its members aging and passing,] the goal now is to try to keep it going as long as we can, ... We're trying to figure out how to get new members -- because you can't get any old ones anymore.”

Robert Taylor

“Denny's point is that as a tight ends coach, you've been involved in the passing and the blocking,”

Keith Rowen

“You are never more alive than when you are with someone as they die.”

Carl White

“There are two guys I want to know who can handle the passing game. One is the quarterback himself, and the other is the quarterbacks coach.”

Doug Berry

“We did do a good job early on of bang-bang quick passing, and then we got away from it [later] in the first half. Then, in the second half, we got back to it, and that's when we went on that run. Compared to our game on Friday, [in] the second half today the ball movement was really what we've been [trying to do more of].”

Scott Sowanick

?I think the chances of the whole bill passing are at least even and maybe a little better than even. The AT&T; lobbyists went home smiling last night.?

Barry Orton

Gray skies are just clouds passing over.

Duke Ellington

“I like playing point because you're in charge. It's also what I'm best at—passing is one of my strengths. In field hockey, I play midfield, which is kind of the same as a point guard. You're more in control of things like distributing the ball.”

Amy Siedlecki

“Our passing game was better, but our running game suffered. We have to get them both working together.”

Chris Pardue

“We're a good passing team. Our big guys had their hands ready when the guards did break the zone.”

Eldon Hoy