Pathetic Related Quotes

“Exercise your right to vote. Just in case you don't care, or your just lazy and pathetic. Please don't voice your opinion to me about the cost of food,a warm place to lay your head, utilities, gas prices, health care, or financial aid. I don't care, and I'm to lazy to listen.”

Susie L Hill

“It is pathetic. We have had this with George Best, we had it with Paul Gascoigne and we had it with David Beckham. We know Wayne Rooney. It is rubbish and we shall dismiss it the best we can.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

“With just three months left ... these numbers show we are in a pathetic situation.”

Amitabh Singhal

“If the pathetic level of funding in the proposed budget continues, restoration of the dead zone in the Sound will continue for a quarter century and raw sewage will flow into the Connecticut River and Sound for at least another hundred years. This is totally unacceptable to Save the Sound, and I venture to say, every member of the Coalition.”

Curt Johnson

“Only the nature of our being, along with the soul of being makes us significant. Otherwise we're mere pathetic creatures....”

Maurice Spees

“I love romance. I'm a sucker for it. I love it so much. It's pathetic.”

Drew Barrymore

“Wasn't that pathetic? I tell you, what a jerk,”

Orrin Hatch

“If we continue with the pathetic proposal for $20 million a year, it would take well over a century, well over 100 years, to get rivers back to where they are safe to swim in.”

Curt Johnson

“It wasn't that we wanted to bring them the things because they were pathetic and couldn't do anything for themselves. It was because when we were there they were dancing for us, and the children just seemed so alive and happy ... the whole thing isn't a sympathy thing.”

Dan Eldon

“It's absolutely pathetic that we haven't treated our citizens better just in getting to these facilities.”

Kemper Freeman