Paul Related Quotes

“Paul is the best player and I am mindful we've had no training time at all since the World Cup. To throw in Ollie Barkley or Alex King with no preparation would be a big call, especially playing away from home.”

Clive Woodward

“It seems to me that Paul Robinson must have sleepless nights before facing Arsenal. How many times has he had to retrieve the ball from the net against them?”

Stuart Jones

“Paul was absolutely sensational tonight. I didn't realize they had 50 and 43. I knew they had a lot. I could sense that. I just didn't know it was that high. Pretty cool.”

Doc Rivers

“It's been great with Paul. I think I complement his game, because I don't dominate the ball that much. I'm more of a spot-up guy. I don't dribble the ball to get my shots. I feed off of him and the double teams he draws. We've gotten along great, and I'm looking forward to playing with him for a lot of years to come in the future.”

Wally Szczerbiak

“But I think the way Paul has worked, being the commissioner surrounded by a strong staff, has obviously been successful. To me, that's the model, but I also think it's important we listen to the ideas and make sure everyone's voices are heard on the issue.”

Pat Bowlen

“It's nothing against Paul,”

Chuck Long

“I think Paul Martin doesn't mean what he says. He said he would clear this sort of thing up and he didn't do it.”

Jack Layton

“If (Toll chief Paul) Little isn't prepared to face us in the boardroom, we have no option but to meet him in court,”

Chris Corrigan

“Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang.”

Saul Landau

“St. Paul is Exhibit A of the damage the president's weak political standing is having on his allies. The only difference is one has a George W. mask on and the other one doesn't.”

Larry Jacobs