Pay Related Quotes

“The TV and the public pay our wages and they like to see professional golfers mess it up. Missing a green with a chip shot - when do you see that? It's great to see exciting golf like we had last week.”

Paul Mcginley

“It is incumbent on all Floridians, particularly those along the Gulf Coast, to pay heed and watch this storm over the next several days.”

Mike Stone

“You couldn't pay me to go back,”

Fred Savage

“I don't need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a roommate that does it for free.”

Ally Mcbeal

“Republic is going to have to pay the price of what's gone on here. Is that price large enough to kill the deal? The answer at this time is no. But there is a better than 50 percent chance that the offering price has to be lowered.”

Gerard Cassidy

“My question is how do they pay these credit card companies back. And that's not the credit card company's problem. It's mom and dad's and the students'.”

Kathy Adams

“If they are not paid, then I am going to pay them. If I owe it, I owe it and I'll have to pay.”

Gene Cunningham

“You'll Pay and Pay and Pay Up Your Ass, I'll Make You Wish You Had Never Been Born...”

Courtney Love

“We need to focus on our mistakes and learn to improve. It's important to pay attention to detail and win the small battles.”

Cara Hendry

“Does buying Earthlink pay for itself over the cost of purchasing hosting services from UUNet? I don't think so,”

Don Young