Pay Related Quotes

“Allowing lawmakers to take advantage of not having to pay what they would pay at a retail store, and using it strictly for personal use, does not look good.”

Suzy Woodford

“Companies have become relatively competitive through restructuring measures, but consumers had to pay the price.”

David Kohl

“Those second sets will give our guys some confidence in later matches, and hopefully pay off throughout conference play,”

Chris Ryan

“If they are not paid, then I am going to pay them. If I owe it, I owe it and I'll have to pay.”

Gene Cunningham

“For a company with great profitability and a near monopoly, it would certainly not be unheard of to pay two to three times the growth rate. So paying 25 times earnings for one of the strongest technology companies with an awesome franchise is fair.”

David Hilal

“I am very pleased that eight months of discussions with Minister Louis Farrakhan and march organizers have begun to pay off,”

Keith Boykin

“When you don't invest in infrastructure, you are going to pay sooner or later,”

Mike Parker

“They had already budgeted to pay people for all the school year. The responsible thing to do was, when they knew litigation was coming, to hang onto that money in case they had to pay it.”

Dave Comerford

“You want the NFL, you want 'Survivor,' you want 'CSI,' you want David Letterman--you're going to have to pay us what you pay USA [Network] for, ... We have considered it one of the great injustices for many years that we never got paid for our signal.”

Leslie Moonves

“Businesses don't really pay taxes..customers pay taxes.”

Dan Curtis