Payment Related Quotes

The committee's work is not about whether or how we should pay reparations. That was never the intent nor will the payment of reparations be the outcome. This is an effort designed to involve the campus community in a discovery of the meaning of our past.

Ruth J. Simmons

“with a demand for a payment of a very, very large ransom.”

Douglas Wood

“If you re-extend from 15 years back out to 30 years, that might reduce your monthly payment by 30 percent, ... If there isn't a likelihood that you'll pay off your mortgage, the re-extension of the term of your loan could measurably improve your cash flow.”

Keith Gumbinger

“The ship was no longer fit. The ship was being sued by its crew for payment of back wages, which they never received. There was, in fact, a lawsuit -- which the crew won.”

James Dodson

Love, friendship, respect, admiration are the emotional response of one man to the virtues of another, the spiritual payment given in exchange for the personal, selfish pleasure which one man derives from the virtues of another manâ??s character.

Ayn Rand

In America, conscription is unknown; men are enlisted for payment. Compulsory recruitment is so alien to the ideas and so foreign to the customs of the people of the United States that I doubt whether they would ever dare to introduce it into their law.

Alexis De Tocqueville

“Alas! how deeply painful is all payment!”

Lord Byron

“Andrew's lawyer contacted Andrew's accountant, it was clarified and a full payment was wired immediately,”

Andrew Cuomo

Before we even consider expanding Medicare, or another program based on its rates, we must reform our Medicare payment system so that it rewards value, not volume, and doesn't disadvantage states like Minnesota that provide high-quality care in an efficient way.

Amy Klobuchar

“There could be a series of payment shocks.”

Allen Fishbein