Percent Related Quotes

“I don't think anyone could write about another culture and get it 100 percent accurate.”

Elizabeth George

“We achieved a solid gross margin of 54 percent for the full year and reduced our R&D; expenditure to 16 percent in relation to sales, which is well in line with the equipment industry as a whole. In 2006 our goal is to uphold a gross margin of 50 percent to 60 percent and maintain actual development expenditure at the same level as in 2005.”

Sven Lofquist

We remain vulnerable.There is no such thing as 100 percent security against terrorism.

Gijs De Vries

What the 'supposed 99 percent' don't realize is that they are better off if there are more fat cats, not less.

Foster Friess

“I still think we can manage just shy of five percent for the year though. That would imply a slight speeding up in the fourth quarter from third.”

George Worthington

“Of course, there's no one team that everybody likes each other 100 percent and that everything works 100 percent. Even in the Greek team that won, I am sure that there's some things that didn't work. In the past when things don't work, these things come out.”

Marko Jaric

“I'm not mad, sad because they told me I made the team 100 percent and they turn me out. They told me I was staying in a Marriott hotel and that we'd be working out at 5:30 Friday.”

Alex Gonzalez

“You're doing 80 and 90 mph sometimes, and that's unfortunately part of the sport. They happen, and 90 percent of the time there's no injuries or no serious injuries.”

Fred Zimny

“It is incredible to know that about 30 percent of the Taiwanese public are not sure about this question. The logic follows as simply as one not feeling hungry anymore after a big meal. How can it be that the Taiwanese people weren't able to understand the fact that China is an authoritarian country?”

Wang Dan

“The markets could correct up to 20 percent over the long-term. I'm not looking at any more levels. There is enough risk on the downside.”

Andrew Holland