Perfect Related Quotes

“My arm length helped me out a lot with the stiff-arms. Drew put the ball in some perfect spots, so I just put my hands up.”

Clinton Solomon

We're living in a time when people are struggling to appear perfect.

Shirley Manson

“It was the perfect storm.”

Stu Jackson

“Paul always came across as the perfect policeman. He was a spit-and-polish officer. He never complained about any duty. Never. But what we've been through this past week wasn't duty. It was hell.”

Marlon Defillo

“Everyone fails at some point, no one will ever love, trust, or commit 100%. It's impossible. They're human, so are you. Expect failure and never be surprised or caught off guard, and when they do right by you, be pleasantly surprised. Waste of time looking for a perfect human being. It doesn't exist.”

Dedrick D. L. Pitter

I don't take gifts from perfect strangers ? but then, nobody is perfect.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

“The Good of man is the active exercise of his soul's faculties in conformity with excellence or virtue, or if there be several human excellences or virtues, in conformity with the best and most perfect among them”


We are perfect in our imperfection.

Megan Mccafferty

Believe in the doctrine of perfect sanctification attainable in this life.

Adoniram Judson

“The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.”

Pablo Casals