Perfectly Related Quotes

“This works out perfectly because it allows me to keep my hand in it and be involved and hopefully positions me for the future. As far as scripting something, I'm not sure the pieces could have fallen together any better.”

Dan O'brien

“We split all the bills 50-50. So what? That's perfectly normal, isn't it?”

Guy Ritchie

“I know he's not very polished. But he'll fit in perfectly with my new eight-year plan to get this team to the divisional round of the playoffs.”

Mike Holmgren

“perfectly reasonable.”

Rich Lowry

“In a way I guess I'd be a bad judge of what it was like because it just seemed perfectly normal to me.”

Susan Olsen

?That Quantity that is sufficient, the Stomach can perfectly concoct and digest, and it sufficeth the due Nourishment of the Body.?

Benjamin Franklin

“I think I had him perfectly, ... Once Donovan started scrambling, the main thing is to find the guy and lock up on him. It just so happened, T.O., instead of going back to the quarterback, started drifting to the end zone, and I didn't expect Donovan to get out and scramble because he was injured.”

Mike Adams

“I have never seen a human being who more perfectly represented the modern conception of a robot.”

Winston Churchill

“Heroine: girl who is perfectly charming to live with, in a book.”

Mark Twain

“We altered the rotations of units during the January election. And I think it's perfectly plausible to assume we'll do the same thing for this election,”

Lawrence Di Rita