Performer Related Quotes

I always hesitate when people call me a musician.I have had no musical training. I can't play anything. I really think of myself as a performer. It's always been writing for me. I evolved with my band in rock 'n' roll through poetry, not through music.

Patti Smith

Streets crowded with people strolling, or sitting at outdoor cafes. And always, talking, gesturing, singing, laughing. I liked Rome immediately.Everybody was a performer.

Kirk Douglas

“In most other years, Rick probably would have won a title, but he ran into a Division I-caliber performer in Parks. Rick didn't back down, and he gave it everything he had, and I'm very proud of how he competed against a very gifted athlete.”

Mike Ritchey

Personally, I think I am much calmer under incredibly stressful situations, and I've learned to deal with pressure and nerves, which is key to being a performer of any caliber.

James Wolpert

“I'm a huge believer in free speech. I'm a street performer. But you can't impede somebody else's speech.”

Dan Foley

Every performer who ever performed in rock and roll or even close to it is lying if they tell you that they weren't influenced in some way or another by Elvis Presley. He turned the world around.

Mac Davis

I suppose it's a very highly developed form of denial, but some part of me completely denies that I'm a performer.

Daniel Day-lewis

When I watch comedy I love to see that pleasure in the performer's eye and that sense of cheek - and even those moments when you can see someone is trying not to laugh.

Mathew Baynton

You know the circus performer who spins the plates in the air you know, and he'll spin six or seven plates in the air? Acting sometimes is kind of that guy spinning all those plates in the air but in your head and in your body.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

“Life won't dance, you're the performer.”

Faure Hu