Performing Related Quotes

I don't see the risk, I enjoy performing stunts, and I don't get scared.

Ajay Devgan

“Performing this music here, where he was born, in a way you feel 'Oh, this is what Mozart saw, this is what Mozart was breathing; the air, the atmosphere'.”

Cecilia Bartoli

I've always said that racing in New York is performing on the big stage.

Ryan Hall

Even when I became the typical shy adolescent, I never minded performing. I felt there was a kind of safety, a protection about being on stage, about losing myself in another character.

Hayley Mills

“It was nice having them in the gym, but ... Manny was performing for them more than for me. I wanted him working on technique and so forth. ... They've respected it. They realize it's for his benefit and they want Manny to win.”

Freddie Roach

“It's important that I make a difference in some way. If it's performing and touching someone that way, that's great; if it's being a teacher and helping some kid understand something, that's even better...”

Clay Aiken

I have never had one moment of stage fright and performing has always been a huge thrill and source of enjoyment for me. It's part of my personality.


I don't think my kids have to worry too much about me embarrassing them because that's not how I would want to grow up, with wacky dad showing up at school and performing for everyone.

Steve Carell

Performing my show is something I constantly think about.

David Copperfield

Music is art, art is life, and we are who we are, and all of these aforementioned women, unless they should choose not to, will be performing well into the next many decades because they are great artists.

Lara St. John