Perimeter Related Quotes

“Around the survivors a perimeter create.”


“Absolutely. Given the security and the perimeter fencing at Moose Lake, we have no concerns about the security at that facility.”

Wes Kooistra

“Debbie is a good shooting guard, who will fit in well on the perimeter. She possesses excellent court awareness and leads by action.”

Dana Eikenberg

“To have a player like Jenny Miller spotting up on the perimeter; I'm not sure she missed a shot tonight. She's just a great shooter, and we need her shooting the ball.”

Kent Kolsrud

“We hadn't been shooting too well from the perimeter, and I'm glad that we stepped it up.”

Amber Cunningham

“That gives you an idea how tough our guards were on their perimeter guys.”

Lute Olson

“I was so small my freshman year, I was always guarding the worst perimeter player. This year, I've improved a lot on the defensive end.”

Scott Gillespie

“We needed to be soft on the perimeter and we got away from that in the second half. Once they started banging the ball inside, that was it.”

Diane Williams

“Someone's going to have to take that big fullback and someone is going to have to seal off the perimeter for us to be successful.”

Andy Palmer

“You look at Wilt and how dominant he was inside, this guy did it from the perimeter. So it puts an added significance on it. So it has to be, in my mind, the greatest feat that has ever occurred in the NBA.”

Paul Silas