Period Related Quotes

“I've always been happy here. I like it here. I'm the Jet coach, as far as I'm concerned, period. That's all I can say. It's done. Move on.”

Herm Edwards

“The culture had just been through this postmodern period of green tea and Buddhism, with everybody asking the big questions. People were lost. These guys had answers. You see a close-up of a broken toenail inside a shoe, and that becomes an important clue. Instead of the big things, it's about the littlest things. And they become the most important things. It's a new way of perceiving, and I think that spiritual aspect of the show is why people keep watching.”

William Petersen

“You can't diminish the contribution (Kaufmann) made tonight. Northern really turned the tables between the first and second period We were hemmed in our zone a lot, so he saw a lot of action down there and under the pressure he stood up very well.”

Mike Kemp

“To give an accurate and exhaustive account of that period would need a far less brilliant pen than mine.”

Max Beerbohm

“He came up huge in the third period. He's played well for us. He's been a big influence on our success this year.”

Chris O'brien

“We didn't have a very good first period to say the least. Then Johnson's goal was a big goal. That was a big sort of turning point for us in the hockey game to be able to come in after the first period only down 2-1.”

Wayne Gretzky

“We're in a transition period for Microsoft.”

Romeo Dator

“Over this period, our production has grown by two-thirds and our proved reserves have about doubled.”

David O'reilly

“Builders live on cash flow. If you were to stop their cash flow coming in for a period of 90 days, they stand to lose houses, cars and businesses.”

Dale Graham

“I stunk it up tonight, period. When you don't have it, you don't have it. There's no excuses. I didn't have command, I didn't have my slide-step, and I left balls up in the zone. When you do that, that's what happens.”

David Wells