Period Related Quotes

“The only problem is, nobody's ever seen it, ... This is a huge trial period coming up for Microsoft.”

Richard Stiennon

“I can't remember scoring nine runs period, let alone in one inning.”

Dave Gonzalez

“It seems to be sensible in a period of consolidating grocery trades. When you go with the entire organization behind you, I'm sure it gets some advantage, but I'm not sure it will make a big difference.”

William Leach

“We played a real smart road game. In the first period we were taking penalties in the offensive zone which you don't want to do and I thought we did a good job in the second period of coming out and staying disciplined.”

Dan Fridgen

“You have buildings standing in water for what could be up to 80 days, which is the time period they're thinking of before they can get the flood water out. What you're now talking about is constructive write-off for virtually all the buildings.”

Dane Douetil

“It's a shock. In the third period, we tried to just protect the lead and keep them from scoring because we're so hungry for a win.”

Darius Kasparaitis

“Youth is too tumultuous for felicity; old age too insecure for happiness. The period most favorable to enjoyment, in a vigorous, fortunate, and generous life, is that between forty and sixty.”

Christian Nevell Bovee

“Even when things get a little hairy like they did in the second period, we gathered ourselves and did a great job.”

Ken Hitchcock

“It's a big game, period, because I don't know the last time the Redskins won games back-to-back,”

Carlos Rogers

“We been a second period team all year.”

David Harackiewicz