Personal Related Quotes

“It's not a personal thing against any writer.”

Amanda Abel

I'm so thankful for the Internet because actors and singers and performers now have a way to connect with their fans on a very personal level which I think is quite special.

Ariana Grande

“What is essential in a work of art is that it should rise far above the realm of personal life and speak to the spirit and heart of the poet as man to the spirit and heart of mankind”

Carl Gustav Jung

“As soon as I was setting (up my account), I knew I wasn't going to put any personal information of there. I don't use my photo. I use a photo I downloaded.”

Charles Roberts

“more personal, high-level contact between Riggs officials and Pinochet than previously described.”

Augusto Pinochet

“I found that to emerge from a personal nightmare was to enter an infinitely more pervasive public nightmare the nightmare of American hysteria, ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and belligerence; the most powerful nation the world has ever known effectively waging war against the rest of the world.”

Harold Pinter

“We believe both PSG [H-P's personal-systems group] and ESS [enterprise storage and servers] benefited from a surge in market adoption of AMD processors in mainstream consumer desktops and notebooks, as well as blade servers.”

Shaw Wu

“I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect.”

Oscar Wilde

“At halftime we talked about how they had to set a personal goal of getting to ground balls with the mindset that every ground ball belongs to us.”

Gary Sherman

“In other states where they did ban smoking it did hurt business in the bowling industry. My personal view on the smoking issue is a private business should be able to run their business as they see fit.”

Dale Dreiling