Personnel Related Quotes

“I'm 38 years old, and it's flattering to get called by some personnel director, asking me if I want to come back. Once or twice, maybe, and it's kind of funny, but I'm hearing it all the time, from almost all of them. It's serious.”

Glenn Parker

“They were set to lose all their aircraft and half of their personnel. The capabilities for the state that would have been lost if that decision had been made was just huge.”

Capt. April Conway

“I wish there was a way to expand what we've got, ... That also comes into hiring more personnel to cover any new areas. It would all cost the county more money.”

Kevin Bryant

“He is respected throughout the league and has a strong background in player personnel,”

Nick Saban

“The fact that they focused on a British official may be a sign that U.S. personnel are now taking a lot more precautions, while Saunders may have been an easier hit. But it also suggests that if they can't hit at senior personnel, this group is prepared to hit at people further down the chain -- and that could be major cause for concern at the Olympics.”

William Dowell

“I heard a story where some court personnel pulled him aside and said, 'Bill, we don't get it, you lose every case. But your clients are always applauding you.'”

Kathy Kelly

“The Afghan campaign has required a lot of base construction, aircraft refueling and several thousand American [personnel]. The costs have been in the general vicinity of $20 billion -- about one-quarter the cost of Desert Storm already -- and it will keep going.”

Michael O'hanlon

“Emergency personnel and disaster relief workers will do their best to be on scene quickly but not everyone can be reached right away. Basic services such as electricity, water, gas and telephone may be out for days.”

Wayne Schipper

“When you lose a player like Brian, you lose a defensive rebounding presence. So from the standpoint of personnel, we'll have to play differently. We'll play quicker at times and sometimes Brandon (Cole) and Will (Caudle) will have to step in.”

Chris Mack

“We don't even have a computer capable of doing this, much less the personnel or a plan.”

Don Perata