Personnel Related Quotes

“From a personnel standpoint, there is not a tremendous amount of options, ... We think the guys who are out there have a chance for us to get a good return. We are not making good choices. Some of them have been close choices, but they get called, so that's on us.”

Romeo Crennel

“The fact that they focused on a British official may be a sign that U.S. personnel are now taking a lot more precautions, while Saunders may have been an easier hit. But it also suggests that if they can't hit at senior personnel, this group is prepared to hit at people further down the chain -- and that could be major cause for concern at the Olympics.”

William Dowell

“It signifies that the management of cadres and personnel affairs in China has entered a new stage,”

Zeng Qinghong

“We believe that, behind the death, there were regrettable acts by Chinese intelligence personnel that violated duties (of treaties to safeguard diplomats).”

Yoshinori Katori

“We talk to personnel managers and they express frustration.”

Carl Linden

“All embassy personnel are safe and accounted for.”

Lou Fintor

“Well, you always manage according to your personnel. In that one particular season, we operated with a bullpen by committee, which proved to be not the most successful way to go. The following year, when they won the World Series, I think they remedied that problem and it paid off for them.”

Grady Little

“In my conversations with DNR personnel, bridges that are in now are fine, but if they have to be replaced, you can't do that. I asked about replacing a rotting bridge deck and I was told that even that is a gray area. That's when we thought we better get some wording change in the law.”

Paul Lundberg

“There is also the personnel training and cost to consider, since it would take naval officers at least three years to master the operations before the Aegis-fitted warships can be enlisted,”

Andrew Yang

“We've got some very offensive-minded personnel and we've tried to make this attitude adjustment toward defense. I think that's helping us now.”

Wayne Wagner