Personnel Related Quotes

“We expressed our views that the presence of armed personnel and armaments outside the camps is not necessary and not helpful, ... As for the presence of armed personnel within the camps, this is going to be looked at in order to organize it.”

Fouad Siniora

“It's a personnel issue and we really can't comment on that. The board acted on his termination (Tuesday) night.”

Carroll Macke

“We are talking here about the public distrust of security personnel. No local people have come to the police and helped provide them with information.”

Yusuf Lakaseng

“These are personnel-related decisions that the regents need, and are entitled to, discuss first in private in committee.”

Paul Schwartz

“I can confirm that the... personnel are not participating in customer visits. This is an error in the copy and will be amended in future material on the subject.”

Michala Alexander

“The American representatives on these inspection operations should not be ousted, but probably they should recruit more international personnel -- from France, Germany and even Russian experts,”

Yevgeny Primakov

“For example, the fact that you can put Navy personnel in an Air Force facility, exploiting information coming from Army sensors, you get a little bit more information than you would otherwise get if it was just the Navy talking to the Navy talking to the Navy, or the Army talking to the Army talking to the Army.”

Christopher Jackson

“We definitely have the personnel to play defense. We're athletic. We have a quick team. I think it goes with coach Howland. He came in and built a program and made us play defense.”

Cedric Bozeman

“HQ (headquarters) personnel never disclosed to the Minneapolis agents that the Phoenix Division had, only approximately three weeks earlier, warned of al Qaeda operatives in flight schools seeking flight training for terrorist purposes,”

Coleen Rowley

“Jeff should be the one to handle it because he was the (director of player personnel).”

Willis Reed