Perspective Related Quotes

...and that there were many things grown-ups did which couldn't properly be judged by young people until the young people were grown-ups themselves...

Nick Joaquín

“We kill people who kill other people, because killing people is bad.”

Aditya Karkera

“We just think the proposal makes no sense from any perspective ? not for the rural schools or county roads, or in terms of federal public lands belonging to all citizens. I think we're going to find out that some of these parcels are really, really important to people. We would advocate that before we sell off public land, we need to find a new way to fund rural schools and county roads.”

Matthew Koehler

From a Buddhist perspective, it is incorrect to always assume that we know what is best.

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

“I have the perspective of both sides, being a teacher at the high school and being a coach. The kids have to recognize that we aren't trying to make it exclusive or too hard, but it should not be a right to be a participant in athletics — it should be a privilege that should occur after the academic side is taken care of.”

Silas Almgren

“Experience is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you need a new perspective.”

Elaine Taylor

“This seems to justify the Westinghouse acquisition from a strategic perspective.”

Yoshiharu Izumi

“From my perspective, the pressure is off. This season we came in knowing that next year we're going to be 1B and it's going to be a completely different format. We've been to state seven straight, so in the back of the kids' minds I think they didn't want to be the group to miss out on the last year the tournament is in Spokane.”

Dean Wagenaar

Sometimes it's difficult to tell what side of the moral compass we are all on. There are so many things to factor in.

Sarah Addison Allen