Petrol Related Quotes

It's an illusion I've noticed before-- words on a page are like oxygen to a petrol engine, firing up ghosts. It only lasts while the words are in your head. After you put down the paper or pen, the pistons fall lifeless again.

Elizabeth Wein

“All of a sudden it is a big problem and now petrol prices are going up it's a bigger problem,”

Craig Mcdonald

I remember a picture on the front page of the 'Sun' during the Brixton riots: a rasta guy with a petrol bomb, and a headline saying something like: 'The Future of Britain.' And I thought: 'Wow! Look at the power of that image,' and I wanted to get behind the camera to make these people three-dimensional.

Gurinder Chadha

“Haute couture was asleep. It was totally oriented around the Arab princesses. The more petrol prices went up, the more the princesses bought dresses.”

Francois Lesage

When I was a child I wanted to be a petrol pump attendant. I suppose you have all sorts of thoughts as a child and at the time I figured that it was a way to avoid doing anything like going on stage.

Saffron Burrows

No one in a novel by Virginia Woolf ever filled up the petrol tank of her car. No one in Hemingway's postwar novels ever worried about the effects of prolonged exposure to the threat of nuclear war.

J. G. Ballard

The cost of motoring is a massive issue at the moment, there's no question. The price of petrol goes up every time you go to the petrol station.

Lucy Powell

“The good news for motorists and retailers alike is that petrol prices have potential to fall even further.”

Craig James

We should be working towards a carbon-neutral Britain by 2050. We should be working towards the elimination of petrol-driven motor cars, we should be really radical in what we do - the urgency of the problem is really enormous

Menzies Campbell

“The housing market remains in the doldrums. With the housing market still slowing and households under pressure from high petrol prices, interest rates will remain on hold.”

Shane Oliver