Phone Related Quotes

My friends call me Clark Kent: I'm known to change in phone booths.

Dylan Lauren

If you go to Germany and get drunk, at some point you will try to look up Hitler in the phone book.

Dave Attell

I think the vast majority of the American people say you shouldn't be able to collect my phone records if I'm not suspicious, if you don't have probable cause.

Rand Paul

I love to snuggle up on the sofa wrapped in my duvet watching old black and white films, and catching up with friends and family on the phone.

Martine Mccutcheon

“It hasn't been easy for sure. I was on the phone with every single rink nearby, anyplace within reasonable driving distance.”

Dan Fontas

The Google Voice service is a lifesaver for me. My actual phone number changes a lot, so having a canonical Google Voice number that doesn't change - it's actually my same number from high school - is indispensable.

Matt Mullenweg

“Typically, most pages don't look very good on a mobile phone, but Opera has done a good job formatting and compressing the content for handhelds.”

Dave Linsalata

It's impossible. You try to have any kind of relationship with your family, with a man, or with a friend, and you have to be on the phone and the Internet the entire time.

Keira Knightley

I went to these mixers, you know, where you're supposed to meet people. And sure enough, some guy asked me for my phone number. but at the end of the evening he gave it back.

Marcia Wallace

I should point out that I have a picture of Asbel Kiprop as the screensaver on my phone. Is that embarrassing?

Malcolm Gladwell