Physical Related Quotes

“We recognize the important role and effort the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is making, not only among the children in our state but in the communities where we live, to encourage everyone to take action and live a healthier lifestyle. We applaud and support their efforts and also want to encourage children and youth to get active and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

Dave Helwig

“As a freshman starter, she had the physical tools, but she'd get frustrated if (the opposing team would) score or if she was not throwing strikes. You don't see that anymore as a senior. She's more of a leader now on the field.”

Mark Ringham

“That's the middle of our central core. We obviously want high density there and a physical statement.”

Gary Patton

“I give all the credit to Saint Louis. They did a great job contesting our shots and being real physical.”

Stanley Burrell

“We played a big physical team. They couldn't play us (man-to-man), so they had to play zone. We hit 10 threes in the game.”

Danny Smith

“Guys are just playing so hard and you've got so many big bodies out there, it's going to be physical.”

Norm Roberts

“They have one of the most physical teams in the nation. On the other hand, we have one of the fastest teams in the nation.”

Scott Jacko

“I was impressed with how physical they played. It certainly took its toll.”

Darren Burns

?It's more mental than physical. You really gotta have it between your ears.?

Ben Krosschell

“He'll run through tackles, run through people. He's big, he's strong, he's physical.”

Dave Mcginnis