Physical Related Quotes

“Skyline is a big, physical team. But we had some big plays. For being a young, inexperienced group, we did a good job against a good team.”

Patrick Walsh

“When she is determined, she can play a physical game, too. That really helps out. ? She can be adequate in both those areas, where some people cannot.”

Carey Green

“He has to improve the physical aspect and get more involved in the tighter areas,”

Kevin Prendergast

“The physical structure of the DNA cannot change such that it rejects this ion. If it were to mutate, it would kill itself, because it wouldn't be able to replicate.”

Dan Storey

“They're physical, they're athletic and they like to run. They are a very diverse team and their main guys are solid, so it should be a battle.”

Grant Laman

“I would expect that legal custody would be handed over shortly, but physical custody would remain in our hands for the foreseeable future,”

Colin Powell

“It's a typical Dixie County team. They're physical, strong and well-coached. It should be one heck of a game.”

Sam Holland

“There isn't a physical prototype that preceded (Courtney). You have to look at the men's game and talk about comparisons to Shaq, how his frame and his ability transcended the game as we know it. She has the potential to have that kind of impact.”

Sherri Coale

“I blocked well, I was physical, I didn't let myself be guarded, ... They didn't do a great job covering me, I just didn't make the plays like the easy catches or the read with Jake downfield.”

Ashley Lelie

“We just wanted to go out today and play a physical ballgame and show the world that we can do that when we need to.”

Corey Simon