Physical Related Quotes

“Fry had a good ballgame. He played very well. He was aggressive and they were physical with him and to give the showing that we did, I am proud of the effort that they gave tonight.”

Mike Urich

“Some people can even feel physical pain -- problems with indigestion, heartburn or headaches.”

Cecil Wilson

“We didn't sense that there was any problems with the shoulder. He passed the physical.”

Craig Patrick

“Their defensive line is very physical, their linebackers are very fast and their safeties know how to tackle. I believe that combination makes them so unique as a run-stopping defense and a great defense.”

Ryan Harris

“We played a big physical team. They couldn't play us (man-to-man), so they had to play zone. We hit 10 threes in the game.”

Danny Smith

“His points didn't come as easy as you might think. They were physical with him and he had to finish some tough shots. He did a good job in getting us off to a good start.”

Quincy Lewis

“What consumers want is a physical presence, and typically it's just to deposit their checks. What we have found in our own research is that consumers like online banking, but they just don't like mailing checks.”

Scott Appleby

“It's not a physical thing; my body's held up fine,”

Adrian Beltre

“It's a lot more physical --a whole lot.”

Amanda Rickhoff

“They just weren't going in today, you know? Teams are playing a lot more physical and limiting my touches and trying to make me do stuff I don't want to do.”

Chris Lofton