Physical Related Quotes

“He has everyone in the National Hockey League surprised. We didn't expect him to be this physical or this dominating so early in the season,”

Ken Hitchcock

“We learned a lot. That's the most physical game we've played this year, and it was both ways. They were giving it to us, and we gave it to them, and it really took us four quarters to get the run game going.”

Mark Hackett

“Tomas has the excellent combination of a strong physical presence, agility and technical ability.”

Damien Comolli

“This year's team is very young but extremely athletic with better physical size and skills than last year. Several freshmen will have to step up and start from day one. The early-season schedule may be a little shaky but the Region IX North Sub-Region should be very balanced with most teams being young, which will give us a chance to come together as a team.”

Verl Petsch

“When she is determined, she can play a physical game, too. That really helps out. ? She can be adequate in both those areas, where some people cannot.”

Carey Green

“In the physical world, many of those who look like beggars are actually crooks. In the virtual realm of the Internet, fraud is much easier.”

Xia Xueluan

“Her problem was physical and she had no technical skills. But we worked with her and helped her through her new CD. You won't believe the difference. Don't quote me, but she's better than (her sister) Jessica ( Simpson ).”

Ron Anderson

“[South Windsor is] a big physical team. They like to run the ball. When they throw, they like to throw screens. Anytime anyone holds Bloomfield to 13 points, they did something right.”

Paul Morrell

“It was just a regular Big East game that got heated, physical.”

Ryan Williams

“We got a little more physical in the second half.”

Wayne Grant