Pick Related Quotes

“They got crossed up on the pick-and-roll and Kidd made a great shot. That was demoralizing.”

Flip Saunders

“Our agents then began to pick up the bundles and that's when they heard shots being fired at them. There were multiple amount of shots coming from Mexico toward our agents, who recovered the drugs and then took cover.”

Lu Maheda

“They're going to pick me up Saturday and I'm going to pick them up Sunday. I just wish it could have been handled differently, but we have to move on. I have to pay the consequences for not going to class.”

Derek Damon

“He has my telephone number. The citizens of Largo have my phone number. He could pick up the phone and talk man to man. The best way to apologize is to do so personally.”

Rodney Woods

“It's nice to pick up a bat again, but it's very early days so there's nothing to report. I'm just hoping for a bit of luck now.”

Michael Vaughan

“They brought me in and told me they were probably going to pick the option up. You always want to earn whatever you get. I take a lot pride in that. He didn't have to bring me in today. I appreciate that. When I was a free agent, a lot of teams called and I really didn't answer. There was only one place, and that still remains the same. I don't want to play for nobody else but the Yankees.”

Gary Sheffield

“There's not many things they don't do well. It's pick your poison. They're really good. We missed some easy shots early and the game started to get away from us.”

Dave Milausnic

“I wish I was that important of an actor that that happened. 'Which do you want Zach? Take your pick.' No. I sort of put it out there that I wanted to do an animated movie. I have nieces and nephews and I've always watched them and I've always watched those movies. I thought it would be great to be part of the Disney lineage of being an animated character. When this project came up, I asked to audition. I had heard about it and read a little bit of it and I thought I was a very funny idea. The idea of not just doing a Chicken Little story. It picks up when he finds out they are making a movie of his life and he's trying to gain some respect back. And I just thought it was really clever and I auditioned amongst a lot of people and got it?I've been involved for about two years. As you know, they've been doing it for about five years. But I've been recording voices on and off for two years. Probably every other month. Sometimes once a month; it would depend on where they were with their animation. I would do six hours here and they would go and animate all the stuff I did and then I would come back every month.”

Zach Braff

“When a big scorer like (guard Larry Hughes ) goes down, others need to come in and pick it up. It took awhile, but we've done it.”

Donyell Marshall

“Defensively, you can't pick out one person that has played well because they all are so good.”

Anita Mclane